The event is organized by Krakow Industrial Society.

The author and producer of the program is vice-president of the Society, Mariusz Szymański.

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Krakow Industrial Society (KTP)

Krakow Industrial Society was founded in 1985. The founder, organizer and first president of the Society was Mirosław Dzielski, a philosopher, journalist and opposition activist based in Krakow. He created a contemporary version of Polish Christian liberalism, gathering private entrepreneurs and intellectuals who aimed at the development of market economy. Since his death in 1989, Tadeusz Syryjczyk has held the position of President of the Society.

Following the registration in 1987, the Society began its operation from offering free-of-charge legal advice to budding entrepreneurs, and from organizing public lectures for the residents of Krakow entitled “How to start a business?”. We were also the initiators of appointing the Krakow Chamber of Commerce and Industry, establishing the Junior Chambers, and the Krakowskie Towarzystwo Bankowe S.A. Bank, operating as BNP PARIBAS Poland now, following several transformations (all of the above mentioned institutions now operate completely independently of the Krakow Industrial Society).

In the years 1991 – 2000, we published 83 issues of the “Kapitalista Powszechny” magazine, which gathered the leading pro-reform authors and renowned economists. The Society also published several books, including the significant work “Revival of spirit – formation of freedom. The collected works of Mirosław Dzielski”. Additionally, we collaborated with the SIW Znak publishing house on the publication of 10 books for managers and entrepreneurs.

We have organized, alone and in partnerships, conferences and debates, including:

  • the conference entitled “Krakow – Metropolis or Province,” followed by a report,
  • the conference entitled “Krakow as a City of Modern Technologies. Experience and the Future.”
  • the conference co-organized with the Centre for Political Thought, entitled “Farewell to Liberalism? The Balance of Polish Transformations Following the Year 1989,”
  • the conference entitled “20 Years of Capitalism in Poland,”
  • the International Conference “II Liberty Week,” co-organized with the PAFERE Polish-American Foundation for Economic Research and Education,
  • an academic session organized together with the Institute of Philosophy, Jagiellonian University, entitled “Mirosław Dzielski: a philosopher of mankind, philosopher of politics, and philosopher of physics,” marking the 25th anniversary of Mirosław Dzielski’s death.
  • A meeting marking the 30th anniversary of Mirosław Dzielski’s death, involving persons who were close to President Dzielski as well as those who have been impacted by his philosophical and political thoughts.


We have been actively involved in the promotion of culture; since 1996, KTP has organized the annual symphony concert “Last Night of the Proms in Cracow.” In the years 2011-2021, we organized eleven editions of the Polish Music Festival in Moscow. In 2016, in cooperation with the Department of Chamber Music of the Academy of Music in Krakow, we organized a chamber music concert entitled “Stefan Kisielewski’s Chamber Works,” and in 2019, another chamber music concert entitled “Kisielewski, Mycielski, Palester.” In 2020, we broadcast a concert entitled “Hommage à Krzysztof Penderecki” on YouTube, and we co-organized a chamber music concert entitled “Kisielewski, Palester, Regamey” in co-operation with the “Kultura” Literary Institute Association (Paris).

Apart from the above mentioned forms of activity, members of the Society participate in regular club meetings.

Management Board of KTP: Tadeusz Syryjczyk – President, Marian Kania – Deputy President, Mariusz Szymański – Deputy President, Secretary, Paweł Janisiewicz – Treasurer.